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There is an urgent need for help. Nova Scotia is a warm, welcoming, and supportive place for newcomers to call home and we are excited to contribute to building a prosperous, resilient province.

We just need some help to get started.

Donate now to help build a stronger Nova Scotia

Where do funds go?

The goal of the society is to accommodate immediate needs and build a framework to create sustainable change and give members the tools to be self-sufficient again.

Through a combination of small member monthly contributions and fundraising, we are building a fund that will be dispensed to member-families in need of financial support in emergency or unforeseen situations, micro loans for new business, support for medical issues, continuing education, and much more.

How are funds allocated?

The NSSS is a registered not-for-profit with a board of directors and election / voting system in place to make decisions on funding.  This strong and fair process is in place to disburse funds where they are most needed and to properly account for every dollar. To learn more about the exact governance process our volunteer directors follow, click here. (Link the completed governance docs here)