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Syrian chocolate makers in Antigonish donate profits to Fort McMurray cause

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Syrian chocolatiers in Nova Scotia donate to Fort McMurray survivors

May 7, 2016 – CBC News

Refugee family working to resurrect chocolate-making business lost in Syrian war

Antigonish’s first family of Syrian refugees says they’re doing so well with their new chocolate company, they’ll donate their profits in the next few weeks to help the Canadian Red Cross’s relief efforts in Fort McMurray.

‚ÄčThe Hadhad’s owned a chocolate factory in Syria but it was destroyed in the war. The family arrived in Antigonish in January with hopes of rebuilding the business.

Over the last month, they’ve been swamped with big orders from the provincial Liberal annual general meeting and events at St. Francis Xavier University to local weddings.

The family set up a table at the first Antigonish Farmers’ Market of the season, and served dozens of customers eager to try their homemade sweets.

Tareq Hadhad thinks they’ll soon be able to open a little chocolate shop in the town. But first, the family wants to make a donation to help the people of Fort McMurray.

Hadhad says many of their new friends in Antigonish are affected by the devastating fire.

He says his family understands what it feels like to flee their home and lose everything, so they are hoping to do what they can to help.