Our Purpose

Our Mission is to enable former Syrian refugees to build a new life in Canada to become self-sufficient and enrich Nova Scotia’s beautiful, diverse culture and workforce to their full potential.

Our Vision is of a community that eagerly supports new immigrants short and long term to regain their professional designations and serve Nova Scotia.

Supporting new Syrians in Nova Scotia to educate for a better future

Education & Culture

Educating over 120 children in English, Arabic and technology every weekend, with a vision to pair Canadian and Syrian-born students to teach each other about language and culture.

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Providing micro-loans for members who want to launch a business or host a profitable cultural event.

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Supporting new Syrians in Nova Scotia to start businesses
Supporting new Syrians in Nova Scotia in the event of unexpected emergencies


Providing emergency 6-month interest-free loans for families when needed (Eg; urgent medical issue, family tragedy)

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